Hot Tubs by Arctic Spas

The Covana Cover

What is the Covana Difference?

Innovation – a desire to make the hot tub a more enjoyable experience is what has driven the innovation of the Covana. The Covana holds patents in several countries. Combining beauty and function, the attractive remotely controlled spa cover automatically elevates and lowers with the turn of a key. The pitched roof design increases the character and aesthetics of your spa while easily shedding rain and snow.

Cover Closed

Excellence & Safety – the Covana cover is built to provide years of worry free performance and protection. Similar to garage door systems, minimal horsepower is required lowering the costs and wear and tear on components substantially. The cover securely locks in place with an automatic mechanical lock-out, preventing children or small animals from gaining access to the spa. When in the lowered position, the cover can support up to 600 pounds, providing more barrier protection than any other pool safety device. The free standing design is virtually maintenance free.

Side Curtains

Energy Efficient – The Covana cover offers considerable energy savings by reducing water loss through evaporation and reducing your heating bills. The use of polyurethane foam gives the Covana an insulation value of R-25 while the seamless design reduces the evaporation of water and chemicals. Unlike traditional covers that are flipped over the spa, the tight seal and perfect fit of the Covana cover keeps debris out of the water more effectively and reduces the amount of effort required to maintain water quality.

All curtains deployed

Styles & Options – Whether you are battling wind, sun or bugs, the Covana cover will protect you. The overhead canopy provides excellent protection from harmful UV rays, rain or snow. Optional bamboo screens give additional protection from wind and provide coveted privacy from curious onlookers.


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