Composite Shell

A Lifetime of Unparalleled Strength

Exceptional Fiberglass Durability

Stunning acrylic meets heat transferring technology

There aren’t many things that can be guaranteed, but the lifetime durability of an Arctic Spas’ composite shell is one of them.

At the core of every Arctic Spa is contoured comfort provided by vacuum formed sheets of aesthetic acrylic. After molding these sheets into your hot tub’s layout, multiple layers of durable, filler-free fiberglass are applied by hand to the underside of your spa‘s shell, ensuring even coating with no spots of vulnerability.

This incredibly strong fiberglass allows an Arctic Spas® shell to be self-supporting, offering superior strength with no possibility of puncture by assistive beams or props. With jet and lighting cutouts perfectly sculpted by water-jet robots and advanced cutting stations, this shell is the perfect combination of accuracy and durability.

Explore the unparalleled strength provided by filler-free fiberglass, perfectly designed to fit your dream spa aesthetic.